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Welcome to our Fall 2024 auditions page.  This page is for registered children and youth of Camp Rock, Mean Girls, and Bedtime Stories.  ​


If you are registered for more than one production, you only need to audition once!

Audition Requirements

(and what to expect)


Please prepare a monologue no longer than one minute - It could be as short as a couple of lines.  I want to see the students demonstrate they can memorize lines.  It could be anything from a movie, play, musical, TV show.  There are tons of free resources out there...Google away.  Would recommend finding something that demonstrates an emotional range.


***Note - never use a monologue or dialogue from the play for which you are auditioning***


Students will be asked to do an improv scene on their own or with one of the directors.  We will play an easy and well-known improv game that will be easy to pick up for improv beginners.


Cold Read

Students will cold read some dialogue with the directors.


***Note - if your child has a reading disability or is still a developing reader, please let us know in advance.  We will skip that part or send you a page of dialogue to practice before the audition.


If you are auditioning for a musical prepare a song (or part of a song).   Choose something that accurately demonstrates your range and tells a good story.  We want to see a character singing.  If time is an issue, if we may stop the song in the middle.  This means we have heard what we need and isn't a reflection of the performance.  You can sing a cappella or send us a track at least a day ahead of time.

Book an Audition Slot

Auditions will be held at:

Emmanuel Episcopal Church

303 N Main Street, Bel Air

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