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Just Desserts - Auditions Closed

An immersive, interactive dinner theater experience where the actors are also your waiters.  Casting 5 paid, adult roles (4f, 1m).

Judge Reginald P. Cogsworth, a curmudgeon who hates sweets, is judging a charity bakeoff, albeit grudgingly. Countless entries have been whittled down to three: a tart submitted by Lucy "Scooter" Bright, owner of a nail salon; a Depression-era style cake by Edna Mae Carter, the local librarian; and a rich torte created by Margaret Mason, a local society lady. In the middle of tasting all the goodies, the judge falls dead, and it's up to Miss Peabody, the head of the contest, and the audience to determine the murderer. There are clues in the theatre, some hidden and some quite obvious. The audience also gets to question the three contestants, all of whom had some unhappy dealings with the judge in the past.

Character Descriptions and Ages - Pay Schedule

Rehearsal and Performance Schedule

Character Descriptions (Ages)


Judge Reginald P. Cogsworth (45-75)

A grouchy, old jurist.

All Ethnicities

Required Media: Headshot/Photo

Edna Mae Carter (25-45)

A frosty, local librarian.

All Ethnicities

Required Media: Headshot/Photo

Lucy "Scooter" Bright (22-40)

A sprightly Southern Belle.

All Ethnicities

Required Media: Headshot/Photo

Margaret Mason (30-60)

The richest lady in town.

All Ethnicities

Required Media: Headshot/Photo

Miss Peabody (40-70)

A retired teacher, head of the contest.

All Ethnicities

Required Media: Headshot/Photo

Actor Payment Details

Pays $30/wk. plus $30/performance. Note: Since this is a traditional dinner theater production actors will also serve as wait staff so there is an 18% gratuity automatically charged for each ticket.  Tickets are $79 with occasional 10% off promotional coupons offered.  There will be 6 people on the wait staff and all gratuities will be evenly distributed.

All auditions, rehearsals, and performances in Joppa, MD.

Remaining Schedule


2/5 - Rehearsal 6PM to 9PM

2/7 - Technical Dress Rehearsal 6PM to 9PM (including training on wait staff duties)

2/9 - Dress Rehearsals 6PM to ???


2/10 - Opening Night - call time is 6:00PM - seatings begin at 7:00PM

2/11 - Show - call time is 6:00PM - seating begins at 7:00PM

2/12 - Closing - call time is 11:30  - seating begins at 12:30PM


Option to add shows on Friday and Saturday at 5:15PM if we sell out.

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