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Your First Stop for all Show Week questions!

When and where is rehearsal?

Check the Backstage Page for your production for a detailed Show Week schedule. Check carefully, as we may be meeting in different places for different rehearsals each day.

What about costumes and props?

Each student is responsible for his or her own costumes and props. They should be kept in a bag that can be transported to and from the Monday & Tuesday rehearsals. 

Please bring props in on Monday so we can begin rehearsing with them.

You should arrive to dress rehearsal already in costume, ready to start rehearsal at the scheduled time. There is limited space and no privacy for changing at the theater.

What should I expect during dress rehearsal?

We do not have access to the theater prior to dress rehearsal day, and therefore this is also tech rehearsal for us. We will start with a tech rehearsal and then a full dress rehearsal. 

These long rehearsals include a lot of stopping and waiting as the tech team makes adjustments. Students should bring quiet things to stay entertained, like books, or bring headphones for electronics.

When we move into full dress rehearsal, all electronics must be put away.

Food on Dress Rehearsal Day

Food may only be consumed in the back hall behind the seats. The only thing allowed backstage is clear water.

There will be a break for meals, but we cannot provide a time in advance as these rehearsals are very fluid. Students should pack meals. Please do not plan to bring food to the theater, as the texting back and forth between parents and students is disruptive to our rehearsal.

Heavy foods like pizza should be avoided, especially for musicals. Caffeine should also be avoided.

How can I stay well and be my best?

Show weeks are long and busy weeks, and children often end up feeling fatigued, and sometimes develop nausea and headaches.

The best thing students can do is STAY HYDRATED. Drink lots and lots of water and avoid sugary drinks.

Food should be light and healthy. Avoid fast food, heavy food, cheesy or greasy food.


Please read to the end with your student(s)

We are very blessed to have The Warehouse Theater available to us for all of our productions. Those of you who have been around for a few semesters will remember when we performed on small church "stages" with guests sitting in pews. E-Street continues to update their black box theater, and we currently have a good working relationship with them.

Please remind your students to always be mindful and respectful of the space.

Here are some rules to go over with your students:

  • Do not touch anything that does not belong to you

  • Follow the rules about food and drink as stated above. Only water is allowed backstage

  • Please clean up after yourself every day

  • Keep your hands to yourself always!

  • Electronics should be turned off or put away during dress rehearsals and shows

  • The theater is full of trip hazards. There can be absolutely no running or horseplay.

Remember, you are always auditioning for your next role!


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